Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things that make me smile

There are so many things in my life that make me smile, but sometimes, I can't think of a single one. I get sad or depressed, worried and anxious, and just need a little 'pick-me-up'. Here are some of my favorite one-liners from our family that make me smile again...

From Da Boy:

"Mom, can I have more milk in my bowl, but no more Wucky Charms?"
"Dear God, bless us to eat our food and help us to go to church. Dear God, Amen"
"Mommy, I think you're booiful"
"Can you put my car in your purse, and my rock...and can I had one bubble dum?"

From Mr. Man:

"How's my sexy woman of God?"
" I don't have to have sweet dreams, I have you."
"You wanna be an archaeologist...we can get a metal detector, and a shovel, go out in the backyard..."
"3 hairs" (he knows what I'm talkin' about)

I love my boys!


  1. Love this! I'm struggling with following your new blog cuz it keeps taking me to the old one, but I LOVE your new look! Hope the doc appt went well today! Hugs!

  2. Wendy - you may need to cancel your "follow" to me and redo it. I'm not sure, I'll hook up w/ you and we'll figure it out!


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