Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Funniest Quotes

Hello friends! Well Da Boy is gone for two weeks and I'm on a rampage for some "lol"s. Here are the best I've got for today...

Best blog comment (not mine, or one to me, just the funniest one I saw) 

I just left a spring market event at our local civic center and here’s another tip for making enemies.
When people try to sell you their craptastic trays that are wonderful for parties you can respond as I did, “Oh no thanks, I don’t need trays. I don’t have parties. I don’t like enough people to have a party and serve them food and shit.”
Poor little man couldn’t even say anything. ~  Amy Mayfield

Best smart ass conversation of the day:

Mr. Man: "The [NASCAR Sprint Cup] qualifying is rained out, that's it I'm done with NASCAR!"
Me: "Nyaanaa nyaaa" (Me imitating him) 'I haven't gotten to see a single race all the way through this year' :( 'I never get to see my racing anymore' and now you're done?!?
 Mr. Man: "Hey, I'm allowed to be a fickle bitch sometimes!"

Bwahahahahahaa!!! That was awesome! I haven't laughed that hard in a loooooonnnng time!

Funniest Picture of the day: (Ok, I couldn't pick just one, so here's 3)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Lil Love Letter to Mr. Man

Dearest Husband ~

I hope you are doing well. I can hear you playing Ali Baba on behind me and everytime I look over there I smile. I love you very very much. I wish we could run away together, just you and I, run away and get lost somewhere (preferably somewhere with a Marriott and a view of St.  Peter's Square) and just spend some time as husband and wife. You know, act like the "newlyweds" we are supposed to be.

Just wanted to tell you this, so now you know. I love you.

~Mrs. Man

Childlike Love

What is it about little kids that makes us melt? Is it their cherubic cheeks? Their messy hair that they think looks "coooool"? How about the way they run while wearing footed Buzz Lightyear pajamas? Absolutely! Those things really get me with Da Boy, but sometimes it's the things he says and they way he says them that really melt me.

We have a rule in our house... we pray before we eat. No matter where we are or who is around, we pray. We also have a fun way to do it - whoever sits down at the table first, says the prayer (or starts it). Da Boy makes sure he's always the first. How cool is that? Anyways... so here we are, sitting at the table, with the sweet smell of Salisbury steak wafting from our plates and I ask "Who gets to say our prayer for dinner tonight?" He smiles and says "I sat down first!" Here is the prayer that my son said last night:

Dear God,
I love you and I love you and I love you, and I want you to come out of my heart and come down here and love on me. 

Wow. I was blown away. I honestly could not have put it better myself. How apt, how simple, how genuine. Yes, that's what I want!! Not only do I want that, I want to be able to talk to God like that. I asked Da Boy (after he was done with his prayer and we were on our way to the church) "How did you learn to pray like that, you sounded like you were just talking to your Daddy." His answer? "I did, God is our Daddy. He's in our heart and in Heaven."

My Prayer for today:

Father God, let me love you like a child loves his Daddy; honestly, openly, without hesitation or reserve. Teach me to be childlike in my worship to you. I know that I'm not "deserving" and I know that that doesn't matter to you. Teach me to fall into your arms and know you'll catch me. I love you, I love you, I love you. Come down here and love on me. Amen

Monday, March 15, 2010

The WHAT fairy?

Last night we had growth group at our house. After dinner, Da Boy went to his room to play with the other kids, while us parents watched the first installment of the Truth Project with Dr. Del Tackett. All of a sudden we hear this amazingly loud crying. Tamy and I run to Da Boy's room, and find him curled up on his bed with his pillow over his head, screaming and crying. "I dot a BOO BOO!!!" After I finally got him calmed down, I look at said booboo and find a teeny, bleeding cut at the hairline above his right temple. Seems they were playing pirates and my son tripped and fell over a toy and crashed into his TV stand. With his head.

Not too big a deal, he was fine after a few minutes. They went back to playing, and we went back to our lesson. This morning, when Da Boy woke up, he ran into the kitchen calling me. I gave him a hug and asked how he slept.
Me: Hey baby! How are you? Did you sleep good?
Da Boy: Yeah... it's moring time.
Me: Yes it is! How's your head feel? (I brush my fingers over his scabbed cut)
Da Boy: "Oh! I woner wha her bring me!?"  He runs to his bedroom screaming "Come ON Mom!"
I follow him into his room, and watch with great confusion as he runs to his bed and rips the pillow away and stares at this mattress in dismay.
Da Boy: "Her din-n't bring me anyfing."
Me: "Her who?" I utter in total confusion.
Da Boy: Da Ooo Airy
Me: The Tooth Fairy? No, hunny that was for Justice.. she lost a tooth. The tooth fairy only comes if you lose a tooth, baby.
Da Boy: "Oh.... " (He starts feeling his teeth with his tongue.) "I has one teef gone"
Me: "No you don't, they're all there" I say as I peer into his mouth.
Da Boy: "Awwight. I can had cereal?"

So, we go back to the kitchen, I get him some cereal and set him up at the table. He's eating his breakfast and all of a sudden he comes running up to me and grabs my arm.
Da Boy: Mommy!! Mom!
Me: "What babe, what's up? Are you ok?" I ask, looking for blood
Da Boy: Yeah I awwight.
Me: What is it then?
Da Boy: It not da Too Airy! It BooBoo Airy! Her gone bring me esen (present) and made my boo-boo alllllllll bet-er!
Me: Umm... did the kids tell you that last night?
Da Boy: "Uh-huh yeah" he says, nodding eagerly
Me: Oh crap "Well, I'm sure she was really busy last night, Baby, she's probably just running late... we'll check again after your nap today ok?"
Da Boy: Awwight!!
He runs back to his chair and continues eating his cereal with a smile.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Foto Finish Friday!

A lot like Wordless(full) Wednesday, only with a twist! I've decided to take some pictures that were on the camera this morning and edit them, just a little - make them "finished" Enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sure, I can do that!

Ok, ok... so I'm here to brag a little. But it's my blog, so I'm allowed to. Two weeks ago, Princess and I were talking, and she asked me if I could do some graphics work for Children's Ministry at our church. Lately, I haven't had any graphics work to do but my own, like my blog template. So I was really excited when this chance came up! Yeah no problem, said I.  We emailed back and forth about it and I finally came up with 3 different designs.

They picked the second design, and I'm actually really happy with it. This morning when I showed the designs to Josh, that's the one he picked as well. Regardless, I'm proud as a peacock to have even been asked to do the job, and prouder still that they chose one of my designs.

So, I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things, graphically speaking, and I've offered my designing skills to a friend for her new blog. I've also been thinking of having a little contest on here, with the prize being a graphic "something". Don't know if I want to do a blog template, or what... but once I decide, I'll set up a contest on the Reader's Choice page. Let me know if y'all have any ideas for this, or what you think of the idea.

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