Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Note from Mama

Hey folks. A quick, short word and a picture for you today. The picture is our family Christmas picture:

And the note is to tell you all that I probably won't be posting as often in the coming week or two. Why? You ask... well a couple of reasons. One, Josh goes back to his Birth Dad's house today, and therefore my life will be extremely boring and uneventful for the next 2 weeks. Two, If you look closely at the photo above, you'll notice a raised bump on my right wrist/top of hand. Well as of yesterday, that "bump" is twice in size almost and hurts like hell. I am typing one handed and self editing as I go, and it's taking for.ever. I'll tell y'all more about my ganglion cyst (look it up or wait for my explanation) later, but for now, I need to rest it. It's throbbing and achy, and I'm cranky and not looking forward to taking Josh to day care so his Birth Dad can pick him up.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

 Every year Chris and I buy a special Christmas ornament to celebrate our life together. Our first Christmas, I bought him 2. The one pictured above and also a cute little bear holding a key that says "New Home 2007" or something like that (I guess I could go look, but no, I'm already typing, screw it.) Anyways, we buy one every year, 3 years together - we should have 3, right? Well 4, because our first year I bought 2. Right? No. We have 9 "special" ornaments on our tree. Besides all the others (Josh gets a new one every year too), we have three times the special ornaments we should have. Let's see... we have the:

First Christmas Together heart (pictured)
New Home 2007 (from when he bought the house that November)
Disneyland Castle ball (from our 1st trip together)
Lenox bride and groom (from when we got married)
Mickey & Minnie Bride and Groom (from honeymoon @ Disneyland)
2 different wine glass ornaments (we love wine, what can I say)
Silver bells ornament (with little fake gemstones! lol)
Fireplace with stockings ornament 2009 with fake rubies (to match the silver bells, maybe?)

Seriously. Nothin like going a little overboard. Oh well - welcome to my life.

Here is Joshua's favorite ornament (his from last year)

Candy Canes are made by Satan.

Yesterday, 4pm. I check on Da Boy who was playing in his room, now he's asleep. Greeeaat. We are supposed to be going to get pizza at 4:45 so that we can have it at home when Mr. Man gets there from work at 5pm. I wake DB at 4:30 and tell him "You can wear your jammies, but we gotta get your boots on so we can go get pizza." I carry him into the dining room and start working on his boots. They don't want to go on, with his footed jammies, but we finally get it done. I stand up and he says "Mommy, I wan Anny Ain!"(candy cane) I say "Alright here, you can have the rest of the one you started earlier (the crook part)" I hand it to him and he looks at me like I'm nuts. I think Oh boy, what now? Oh please don't, we gotta go! He gets that look - you know the one, where his eyes get all big and he slowly starts to pout? Yeah.... sigh. "What's wrong, hunny? That's your candy cane. Here let me unwrap it for you and lets go.

It's now 4:38.

"I don wan dis one, mom I wan udder part." He says trying to hand it back.
"Son, just take that part, it's the half you didn't eat yet, you don't need another one, eat that one. Let's go" I pick him up and start carrying him to the car. I actually got him inside the back seat and half way into his car-seat before he freaked out. He starts crying and screaming "Anny Ain" and "NO" at me and wriggling, struggling, trying to get out of his seat, as I'm trying to fasten his 5 point harness. I get one arm in, he slips it out when I start on the other arm. He goes 'stiff as a board' on me and I can't do anything. He's crying, I'm red in the face and still saying "No son, get in your seat, let me buckle you in, you are hurting yourself STOP!" to no avail. Finally, I just gave up. I looked at him and let me just say for the record... I could have really really lost it. I let him go, and closed the door with him in the car. I went back into the house and got the stupid friggin candy cane. I bring it back and unwrap it, and go to hand it to him and he's sitting there, pretty as a picture in his seat, tear streaked with snot sliding down his face. "Ank you Mommy". I told him "Yeah you'd better say thank you because that's the last candy cane you're ever gonna see you got that?" "Awwight, Mama, dat's awwight."

Sigh. So now I'm crying, he's fine and it's 4:56. Tried to call Chris on the phone, but couldn't get him, so I try to leave and realize I don't have the stupid garage door clicker. I pull out of the garage, turn off the car, take the keys inside and close the garage door. Walk through the house, go out the front and now I can't get the door to lock, the key won't turn. AAAAHHHRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG! Seriously?!? Really?!? FINE. Back to the car, he is just going at his candy cane and talking to himself like everythings perfect and I'm now the one having the meltdown. I start driving down out street, it's snowing like hell and I can barely see anything.

5:06pm We finally get to the pizza place, get the pizza. DB says "Can I get a ball?" (he always gets a bouncy ball there) and I say "Not on your life kid" and the pizza lady looks at me. I smile. She looks down and raises her eyebrows.  I take a deep breath, pay for the pizza, grab it and DB's hand and get the hell out of there. As we drove back, the snow stopped and by the time we pulled into the driveway Chris is there. He says "You could have waited, we could have all gone together."

Have you ever heard the sound of your own head imploding? I have, happened last night.

Monday, December 21, 2009

He hurt your what?!

This morning Da Boy woke up with this nasty rasping cough. He stumbled into the kitchen and climbed up on me as I tried to hug him. I took him to the couch and we were cuddling (me asking how do you feel, does your throat hurt, all that jazz) and Sora, our little orange tabby, decides to climb up and lay down on DB's tummy.
DB pets him for a minute and then  abruptly picks him up and tosses him to the floor.

Me: "Son, why did you do that?"
DB: "Him sit on me. Mom, I has doe peepee."
Me: "Ok, lets go."

We walk to the bathroom and as DB is unzipping his Lightning McQueen footed jammies, he grabs his privates and declares "Mama.... Ora hurt my peanut!"

Me: (laughing) "He hurt your what?"
DB: "No, my peawon."
Me: "You mean your penis?"
DB: "Oh. (giggle) yeah, my peamiss"

 At least this time he didn't ask me to kiss it better. About a year ago he did ask me to kiss it, because he hurt himself, and I told him no, I wouldn't and he tried to kiss it himself!  Ahh, to be a mom of a boy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And what do You want for Christmas?

I asked Da Boy this the other day and here was his answer (mind you I am also asking this everyday to see what else he comes up with)

DB: "I wan a nooboard."
Me: "A snowboard??! Son, how old are you?"
DB: "Oor" He holds up four fingers
Me: "Double that number and we'll talk"
DB: "I weally wan a noboard, I can had my weindeer push it. Dey had big horns!"
Me: "You don't have any reindeer."
DB: "A-o can do it!"
Me: "You want Adso to pull you on a snowboard?"
DB: "Yeah, like Anna Cause"
Me: "Like Santa Clause... Baby I think you mean a sled. You want a sled, not a snowboard."
DB: "Oh. Yeah." as he starts laughing.

We've had exactly this conversation twice now, once with the "nooboard" and once with a "kayboard"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ud Morring Mom

The following is the conversation I had with Da Boy about 10 minutes ago as I was sitting quietly (so as not to wake him up) at the computer, reading another blog.
P.S. - I type Da Boy's responses phonetically.

Bedroom door opens and closes.
DB: "Hey! Heyyyyyyy"
Me: "Good morning Baby, how are you?"
DB: "I need doe peepee"
Me: "Ok, well let's go."

We get into the bathroom, he's taking off his Buzz Lighyear pjs and teeny red boxer-briefs.
DB: "You hold my bes rens, Mom?" His best friends being his blanky, a purple hot wheel, a beanie baby giraffe and a bouncy ball.
Me: "Yeah, I'll hold them"
DB: "Mom, you had ud morring mom? I had ud morring awwww day."
Me: giggle. "Yeah Josh I've had a good morning so far, thanks."
DB: "I had ud morring and you had ud morring and Dad had ud morring. Where Dad?"
Me: "Dad's at work, remember he worked early today? He'll be home in a couple hours."
DB: "I aww done now" as he gets up and starts getting his pjs back on. "Ora and ah o had ud morring too." (meaning Sora and Adso our cats)
Me: "Oh yes I'm sure they have."
DB: taking back his toys "Mom, you may me haddy and I wud you. But dees my bes rens."
Me: "I love you too son, and you make ME very happy also."  As we walk down the hallway to the living room holding hands.

God I love this kid!! I haven't seen him in 2 weeks (his birth dad and I share custody, 2 weeks at a time) and I've missed him soooo much. I hate the situation, everybody hates it, including Da Boy, but for now it's how it has to be. Oh, I took pics of him in the bath last night...(no, not that kind!!) enjoy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love at first sight

A few pictures, as promised, so you can all see what fascinatingly normal looking people we are (and that will thus be the end of you thinking we are anywhere near normal)

Intro To My New Blog..oh yay.

Not that I'm not excited to start a new blog - don't get me wrong - I just seem to be on the 'ugh' side of it right now. I had all these great things I was ready to post about all day today. I finally get Da Boy and Mr. Man in bed, my Irish tea all hot and sweet, a new blog set up with a pretty layout, and bam - I can't think of a single thing to type. Oh. Well, I guess I could introduce myself...

I am Miranda. I'm 30 years old and I live in Northern Nevada. I am married to Mr. Man, who is 11 years my senior, and I'm mom to Da Boy, who (as of October) is 4. I'm also step-mom (or monster, depends on who you ask) to Sissy T, who is 19. We have 2 cats: Adso is the dark, beautiful, pain in the butt (you'll see pics) and Sora is the smaller, ugly, cuddly, stinky pain in the butt. I work at the church that our family attends taking care of the toddlers during the week, and I try to spend my weekends with my family. I'm very crafty (crochet mostly) and I love photography and web/graphics design. I read a lot, and I don't really like TV too much. I have a great sense of humor, but no one ever gets my jokes. I can be very cynical and pessimistic, but I'm usually pretty easy-going.

~ A little background ~
For those of you that don't know me (probably most of you) here's a little background, just so you aren't totally lost by the first paragraph in my next post.

I've been married before and Mr. man is not Da Boy's birth father. Mr. Man and I have now been married approximately 1 1/2 years. HOWEVER - I constantly refer to Mr. Man as Josh's dad, so try to keep up. Also, both of my parents have gone on to glory, so when you see me talking about visiting family or parents, they aren't mine, they belong to my hubby. Since most readers more than likely gave up reading this after the first sentence, I'm gonna leave it here and move on. ;)


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