Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Piss Ear!

LOL I can't even type that without laughing. It is normally "Wordless Wednesday" but today I have something a little different, although none the less special!

A video of Da Boy performing his magic trick - making a coin disappear. Isn't that awesome?  It's even more awesome because he can't say "disappear" he says "piss ear!" Keep in mind that he leaves off a lot of sounds, but always includes his vowels.  squee

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catch up!

The last 4 days have been filled with adventure and excitement, so I thought I'd share a little of it with you!

Thursday evening Mr. Man, Da Boy and I visited some friends in the Valley for dinner and growth group discussion. We had a lot of fun, both families are blended, so we spent a lot of time talking about our kids, our families, and our exs. It was actually really interesting to hear other people going through the same things we are in regards to "step-parents" and "birth-parents". Da Boy had fun too - he spent the evening playing with their two kids, and being read to by them. lol

Friday morning, Da Boy and I went to the church and helped the Princess paint one of the children's ministry rooms. We weren't able to stay long, but had a good time with her and two other friends, Alice and Jessica.

Saturday was a blast... we took da boy to the Nevada State Railroad Museum! We bought our tickets (his was free) and spent some time looking at all the trains and pictures of trains from our area. I totally forgot the camera (my bad) but I managed to find a dollar for Da Boy and he bought two teeny plastic train shaped beads and one of those flattened out pennies with a train imprint on it.


Then, after lunch, we went shopping to finish out our outfits for Sunday.  Mr. Man needed a belt and I needed a necklace, so we headed to JCP for it all. Didn't spend much, but managed to get just what we needed. Church service on Saturday was great - the Princess sang on stage for worship, and even though she doesn't think so she ROCKED! She has a beautiful voice, and she shines with God's love when she sings! 

Yesterday it snowed allllllll day but luckily none of it stuck and we spent the morning desperately trying to find something to do with my hair, and settled, finally, on a Bumpit. Shuddup. It worked and that's all that matters. After watching the Nascar race, we got ready for the Thanks To You event at the church. We got there and it was wonderful!! Elegant, glamorous and pretty, with everyone dressed up and smiling! 


Jessica, Princess, and Miranda

Mr. and Mrs. Man


Miranda and Chandra

Again, I forgot the camera. I think I'm gonna have to get me a new one, something small enough to fit in my purse, because mine is bulky and heavy so I never carry it around. Da Boy is now eating his cereal and playing with his "bloons!" that we got at the party last night. I can't believe it's already time for him to go back again... only a few more days and then he'll be gone. Time to get off the computer and spend some time with my boy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Root Nacks

This morning, just like every other morning, Da Boy asked for "root nacks". He loves his fruit snacks... any brand will do, but he likes the walmart generic ones the best (they have smiley faces!) So I was checking my facebook, and chatting with Loue, when Da Boy asked if I'd take a picture of his fruit snacks. So, yeah ok, why not? I grab the camera and here we go...


Fruit Snacks!

I wan dis one! 

And after the purple one he went for the red one, I shot this pic, and went back to the computer to load the pics. I hear him run down the hall. Then silence.

a gigantic sneeze!

"Mom!! I need a nakin!" 

I grab a napkin and run for it, he's standing in the hall with one hand over his nose and mouth. I look closer and there's red gummy bits of fruit snack on my wall, my carpet, and my son's face. I hand him the napkin and go back for the camera. 


You see that spot on the carpet? Yeeeaaaahh. Snot and fruit snack.  *shudders* 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Da Boy's Choice

Today I've decided to let Da Boy choose my blog post for the day. He wanted to blog about his balls. You laugh, but I'm serious. Da Boy collects two things -  Hot Wheels cars and balls. Balls of all sizes, materials, and colors. He loves them, he cherishes them, and he's very proud of his balls.

Me: Hey Babe, you wanna help Mommy work today?
Da Boy: Yeah.
Me: Mommy has to write a story - what should we write about today?
Da Boy: I know!! My balls.
Me: (blink blink) Excuse me?
Da Boy: My bally balls!
Me: Oh, hummm, yeah ok, why not?
Da Boy: Cuz I want to.
Me: (snort, giggle) Sounds good babe. Tell me about your balls.
Da Boy: Awwight.

5 Questions About Da Boy's Ball Collection:

1. Which ball is your favorite?
I wike my miwy ace ball. (smiley face ball)

2. What's your favorite game with a ball?
I wike Bally ball game!

3. How do you play bally ball game?
I can do it with orange ballies. You do it wike this:
He takes 2 orange Nerf balls and throws them in the air and dances and jumps until they fall and stop rolling.

4. How many balls do you think you have?
Um. I have one in my hand... (he runs away, comes back with 4 blue plastic golf balls) Wook! 1, 2, 3, 4!

5. How many balls do you wish you had?
I wish I can had 2 more (he thrusts two fingers 1/2 an inch from my eyes.)

Me: Thank you Da Boy for letting me ask you about your balls today.
Da Boy: Your welcome, hey Mommy? Can I ask you some westions?

5 questions with Mama: (after asking me about balls, I told him I don't collect balls, but I do collect perfume bottles) Yes, I let him type his questions.

1. t7uigtgu556i60665i6i5855ifti What your Aarate perume bowwle? (favorite perfume bottle)
My favorite is my butterfly jeweled bottle.

2. e-t5-656666960rrr06-5polt;lssgggitopw;;;y;;l How many you got?
I have 8 all together.

(See Loue - I fixed Tink!)

3. agsetftrtryeyruukgirgiut  Which one mell da bess?
I think the 'Fancy' perfume by Jessica Simpson smells the best. (That's the orange one in the back, rightside of the pic above)

4. jityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfttytyufyuyjhjfughfrhhhhhhhryfftgff  Is dere one you wike to had for mommy?
Yes there is. I would like to have the 'Princess' by Vera Wang.

5. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffyt (he stops typing,looks over and whispers at me) I don't had anymore westions. It you turn. You had anymore westions?

Me. No, actually I don't.
Da Boy: Mayee Daddy do.
He gets up and walks away. End of interviews.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Miranda-ized Dictionary

  1. A deep and prolonged audible inspiration or respiration of air, as when fatigued, frustrated, grieved, or relieved; the act of sighing.
  1. A growl of anger or disappointment.
  1. Used to signify sarcasm or disagreement

I have spent the last several days in a state of "sigh,grr,pfft" After realizing this, I started noticing that not only was I feeling "sigh,grr,pfft"... but I was renaming things because of it.

1. Maxi Pad - now renamed "Comfort Sucker" because, well, that's what it does.

2. Tampon - renamed "Comfort sucker on a stick" see #1

3. Wrist Brace - renamed  "stupid, friggin 2 by 4 strapped to my arm" no explanation needed.

4. Coffee - renamed "Life giving substance" (see don't these words just make more sense? I mean really... what does coffee actually mean?)

5. Our youngest cat Sora - renamed "ass-hat-cat" see pictures below

(Sora in our overhead kitchen light fixture)

6. Our older cat Adso - renamed "Mommy man-cat"  see pics below

 (Adso, grooming and protecting Sora while he slept on their "blankie")


7. Dollar Tree - now renamed "Cheap Man's Mecca" and a place I could spend my entire paycheck in one run.

8. Our 2 year old goldfish 'Memo' (yes I know it's Nemo, but Josh will fight you on that for hours) has been renamed "Dead Fish Swimming" due to the fact that he will.not.die. Seriously. The only time I clean his tank is when I literally cannot see him anymore.

(Note the green algae and stagnant water,
I think he actually likes it better this way)

9. Tolkien's 'Silmarillion' - now renamed "book from Middle-Earth Hell" considering I've been trying to read it for about 2 months now, and I'm not done yet. (It's never taken me 3 weeks to read a book before. Well, except the Bible)

10. Facebook - renamed "that place I HATE because my farm won't load and everybody else's facebook has updated but not mine and I can't do anything on there and I hate it!"

Sigh.            ......grrrrr.....           Pfft!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Top Five

It's Friday and I have something that I want to share with you. I have spent the last two days reading the latest blog posts of everyone I follow and lemme tell ya something - there are some really, really talented writers out there!! So... I'm gonna give you a "Top 5" of the best posts of the week. Then - I'm gonna send each of those 5 people a little award, because, well, they earned it! It means something to me if you can make me honestly laugh out loud, cry into my coffee, or sit in stunned silence. You deserve a little something for that. So, without further ado....


You are all very talented wonderful people and I just want to thank you. 
Enjoy the award. 


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mama's ABC Soup - Letter A

Mamas ABC Soup
This post brought to you by the letter A

Addicting Games:
Hello, my name is Miranda, and I'm addicted to online games. Seems I have a very addicting personality when it comes to online games. It started a few years ago with Neopets. No, I'm not joking, stop laughing. I played religiously for about 2 years. Then, I found GaiaOnline and off I went on a new amazingly addictive adventure (like how I'm using my 'A' words there?)   I played and played... and just like the other games - I dragged anyone I could over there to create an account and become my friend. I actually had my own graphics shop on Gaia, where I'd create banners or profiles for people and they 'paid' me with gaia gold. I played Gaia until everything started costing 'real' money. Then I found pogo. Wow, I thought, this is the place to be! I convinced Mr. Man to sign up - then I got Loue into it too. I didn't want to be alone!! I couldn't stand the fact that no one else knew what Phlinx was or what I meant when I bragged about how many pigs I'd popped in Hog Heaven Slots.

Then one of my friends begged me to do the Facebook thing. I had a myspace and thought that enough. I finally caved in and signed up, however, and instantly regretted it. What were all these invites and gifty things for farmville and mafia and crap?! I hated it! I didn't want these games, I wanted my friends to play pogo with me, damnit! I held off for about a month. I look back now, and I'm actually pretty proud of myself for managing it for that long. After hearing about this farmville thing for waaaay too long, I finally got fed up and clicked the button to start a farm. Bam. That was it - I was hooked. Since then, I've spent countless hours moving animals, building barns, and harvesting trees. I click on eggs. I'm hurt when no one comments on the eggs I post to tell me what they got from it. I plant flowers, veggies, fruit and grains... I brush kittens and fertilize my neighbors land. FV came out with a tractor that you can only get from playing Mafia Wars. Sign me up baby!!

Sometimes I can't believe myself, and somewhere - deep inside - I'm ashamed. I know that I have bigger worries than whether or not my plants wither, but sometimes.. sometimes it doesn't seem to matter. I have to physically pull myself away from whichever game I'm playing and look around my house. I see the piled up dishes and the fact that I'm still in my pjs and it's 4pm and Mr. Man will be home in an hour and I haven't done a damn thing all day long! It's disgusting. It's one of the big reasons I started a blog in the first place. I needed something that I could do to relieve some stress, have some fun, and then walk away from.

Farmville never ends ... but posts do.

Introducing Mama's ABC Soup

Hear Ye hear ye!
a new thing has come up
a new game to be played
brand new and exciting
on my blog to be made!

(yeah shuddup, I've been reading Dr. Seuss)

So! I'm here to announce a new thingy... um, post game?
Whatever you call it dealybop.

Mama's ABC Soup!

Always Blog Creatively
Alone Bored & Confused
Awesome Blogging Craze!

Whatever you wanna think it stands for - you go with that.  Do what works for you. The point of the thing is to get those creative juices flowing when you get stuck. When you have a day (and I know you have, do or will) where you want to blog, but you can't think of a single effin thing to write about! All you have to do is run on over here, grab the button and start on letter A. Type in a "A" into your Google (or whatever you use for search) and pick something on the list that comes up. Or you could make a list of 'A' words (Alchemy, America, Autism) and pick one of those. Then... blog it Baby! Next time you get stuck, repeat this process using letter B... so on and so forth et cetera et cetera et ecetera (King & I anyone?)

If you finish A- Z, which you won't When you finish the last post, "Z" come back here and let me know - I've got a sweet little surprise for you!

So - let the chaos creativeness begin!!

Mamas ABC Soup

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 2/3/2KX

Just a few random photographs that I've taken, that really just intrigued me. Thought I'd share. :) 

...a leaf in our garage...

 ...a light ball at one of our church's concerts...

...a "just watered" rose at a friend's house...


...where we live...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Princesses, surgeons, & snowmen

It's 9 AM - do you know where your hand surgeon is? GUESS WHAT FOLKS?! It's consult day with my new hand doctor! Don't worry, I'm not late yet - my appointment is at 1:30pm. I think.. maybe 1:10pm? I guess I'd better call and make sure. lol

What an interesting, tear-filled, headache inducing last week/weekend I've had. Boy, I don't even know where to start. Guess I should start out by apologizing. So, I'm sorry I didn't post much this last week - and that which I did post, kinda sucked. It's not that I didn't have anything to post about (because really I did!!) I just wasn't feeling up to sharing. So, forgive me, and I'll fill you in about my last week and weekend.

Tuesday and Wednesday last week were great for the most part! Da Boy and I crafted, all three of us went to church (I do childcare and MrMan works in the tech booth) It was great. I even took pics of the things that Da Boy and I made... wanna see?

Da Boy, crafting! 

This was our sugar sprinkles heart we made for Daddy 

 I has a fishie!

Close up of fishie.

Snowmen! Mine has green buttons, Da Boy chose red buttons.

I made him a flower, and he spent half the day with it :)

On Thursday, I took Da Boy to daycare so his birth father could pick him up - it'll be 2 weeks before I see him again. February 10th, to be exact. Afterwards, I met Princess for coffee, which believe me - I needed that!! She is always so uplifting and real - I just love this gal! I don't know what I would do without these "coffee breaks" with my friend. Oh, and remember me telling you about the Pastor's wife whom I cried over last week? Well, she's gonna go to coffee with us next time!!  squee

I spent Friday cleaning the house - literally from top to bottom so that no one would be embarrassed when Princess and her hubz came over that night with our new table! Yay!! We weren't sure we were going to get said table, but in the end it was perfect for us and we love it! You would have a pic, but my camera battery is charging and I'm too lazy to go and check to see if it's ready. I have too many other things to tell you first!

Saturday was church, and it was fantabuloso! Sunday, however, was a bit different. Sunday, our church held a "members only" meeting, and we voted in our new Pastor. I was totally overwhelmed by the whole thing, and cried through most of it. Not because I was upset or disappointed, (I'm actually happy and excited about it) but because I just flat-out couldn't find a better way to express my emotions. My Mom used to tell me I "cry for everyone that can't" - in other words I cry all the damn time, and over some of the most ridiculous things.

Today I have my consult meeting with the hand surgeon (at 1:30, I just checked), although I'm having second thoughts about the surgery. Since my last doctor appt with Dr. Yamamoto, my cyst has shrunken so much that I can move it back and forth and mostly without pain. I can type, do dishes and laundry, and my own hair (thank you very much!) I know some of it has to do with the meds the doctor put me on, but I also know that most of it has to do with God, and the fact (that I didn't know) that I had several people praying for healing for me. Can I get an Amen?

So, until 1pm, I'm going to sit here and work on a new blog design - eventually I will have my own, custom design and not a pre-built template! At least, that's the plan. I wish I could draw... I know the art I want, I just don't know anyone who will do it for free. Cuz yeah, I'm broke. Well, I'm too broke to pay for art for a blog anyways.

I miss Da Boy like crazy, but I'm not gonna let that get me down right now. I have work tonight, and the little hellions will keep me too busy to think about him it'll be fun to hang out with all the little ones.

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