Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Good News and Better News

The good news is... Mr. Man and I started a new class at church last night called "Church History". I've been looking forward to this class for months now, ever since they first started talking about offering it. So, we grabbed our bibles and headed to class, after dropping Da Boy off at the church child care room. Besides the teacher, our class totaled 11 people. We were given the book "The Church in History" by B.K. Kuiper and with that and a Power Point, we got to work. This class is exactly what I've been praying for; an in-depth study of the Christian church, from Jesus to modern time, including a study in the denominations.

I'm so happy that we signed up for this class, it's going to be difficult; we are already in a growth group, plus regular church and our own daily devotionals, also Mr. Man is in a men's group studying the Book of Mark. I spent 2 hours last night, transcribing my notes and the power point to a notebook, and that was just for the first class! But, I think it'll be good for us, and I'm happy to see that Mr. Man is also excited about it.

The better news is.... the test results are in and I don't have to have surgery on my back! Can I get a woot woot?!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read the post in which I explain whats wrong. I was pretty worried to have this test done, alone, but it turned out that it was no big deal and I'm just a wussy. Go me. I took Da Boy over to a friend's house for a bit, and he had a blast. The doctor that did the test was wonderful, very kind and gentle. Yes, he gave me the "if you don't quit smoking you are going to die" lecture, but I don't mind that, especially since Mr. Man and I are trying to quit. This test was really uber important because basically it would tell us if there was any nerve damage in my back or legs, and if so,  I would need surgery. But... there's not any! Just irritation, which I can alleviate with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory meds and quitting smoking. I really believe that God heard all of our prayers, and also the prayers of our friends. Some might call it luck, or even Fate... but I know the truth. I have been so blessed in this life, and I know that God wouldn't let me down this time.


  1. Glad to hear the good news! Prayer works, Woot Woot!!

  2. That is such a HUGE you and all of us who have been praying!! Will keep lifting you up, sister!!

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. I think I've fixed the blogroll linky. And Woot! Woot! for your good news :)

  4. So glad you don't have to have any surgery :)

  5. Glad you dodged the surgery! Great news!


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