Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-Phone Photo Memories

Isn't taking pictures with your phone so much fun?! I love it, I just wish I had a better phone, and therefore, a better camera in it. Here are my favorite camera shots from my lousy phone. I'm hoping to get a better phone soon, so maybe next time I'll have better pics for you! I did my best to make these photos better through photoshop - at least now you can see what the pictures are of!

Da Boy - we called him "Spike" for 2 days
(5-6 months ago)

Self portrait - my new haircut
(6 months ago maybe?)

(2009) Mr. Man makin' a funny at a restaurant.
(2009) I told them "Make nice funny faces"
(to boys 'nice' = calm)

Mr. Man and Sissy T at her
going away party in SoCal (2009)

 Adso when he was teensy. He was so friggin cute.

Sora, the day we brought him home. No, his head
really isn't that blurry. (2009)

Da Boy at Grandma's house, making pancakes
(Thanksgiving 2009)

Me - 2nd place as a Faerie for Halloween at
Casino Fandango (2008)

Da Boy on his best behavior waiting in the 
church office. (2009)

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