Thursday, February 04, 2010

Introducing Mama's ABC Soup

Hear Ye hear ye!
a new thing has come up
a new game to be played
brand new and exciting
on my blog to be made!

(yeah shuddup, I've been reading Dr. Seuss)

So! I'm here to announce a new thingy... um, post game?
Whatever you call it dealybop.

Mama's ABC Soup!

Always Blog Creatively
Alone Bored & Confused
Awesome Blogging Craze!

Whatever you wanna think it stands for - you go with that.  Do what works for you. The point of the thing is to get those creative juices flowing when you get stuck. When you have a day (and I know you have, do or will) where you want to blog, but you can't think of a single effin thing to write about! All you have to do is run on over here, grab the button and start on letter A. Type in a "A" into your Google (or whatever you use for search) and pick something on the list that comes up. Or you could make a list of 'A' words (Alchemy, America, Autism) and pick one of those. Then... blog it Baby! Next time you get stuck, repeat this process using letter B... so on and so forth et cetera et cetera et ecetera (King & I anyone?)

If you finish A- Z, which you won't When you finish the last post, "Z" come back here and let me know - I've got a sweet little surprise for you!

So - let the chaos creativeness begin!!

Mamas ABC Soup


  1. I think you might need professional help! :-)

    Hey, love the new design too!

  2. Lisa - haha, ya think? Maybe?! LOL


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