Friday, February 12, 2010

Da Boy's Choice

Today I've decided to let Da Boy choose my blog post for the day. He wanted to blog about his balls. You laugh, but I'm serious. Da Boy collects two things -  Hot Wheels cars and balls. Balls of all sizes, materials, and colors. He loves them, he cherishes them, and he's very proud of his balls.

Me: Hey Babe, you wanna help Mommy work today?
Da Boy: Yeah.
Me: Mommy has to write a story - what should we write about today?
Da Boy: I know!! My balls.
Me: (blink blink) Excuse me?
Da Boy: My bally balls!
Me: Oh, hummm, yeah ok, why not?
Da Boy: Cuz I want to.
Me: (snort, giggle) Sounds good babe. Tell me about your balls.
Da Boy: Awwight.

5 Questions About Da Boy's Ball Collection:

1. Which ball is your favorite?
I wike my miwy ace ball. (smiley face ball)

2. What's your favorite game with a ball?
I wike Bally ball game!

3. How do you play bally ball game?
I can do it with orange ballies. You do it wike this:
He takes 2 orange Nerf balls and throws them in the air and dances and jumps until they fall and stop rolling.

4. How many balls do you think you have?
Um. I have one in my hand... (he runs away, comes back with 4 blue plastic golf balls) Wook! 1, 2, 3, 4!

5. How many balls do you wish you had?
I wish I can had 2 more (he thrusts two fingers 1/2 an inch from my eyes.)

Me: Thank you Da Boy for letting me ask you about your balls today.
Da Boy: Your welcome, hey Mommy? Can I ask you some westions?

5 questions with Mama: (after asking me about balls, I told him I don't collect balls, but I do collect perfume bottles) Yes, I let him type his questions.

1. t7uigtgu556i60665i6i5855ifti What your Aarate perume bowwle? (favorite perfume bottle)
My favorite is my butterfly jeweled bottle.

2. e-t5-656666960rrr06-5polt;lssgggitopw;;;y;;l How many you got?
I have 8 all together.

(See Loue - I fixed Tink!)

3. agsetftrtryeyruukgirgiut  Which one mell da bess?
I think the 'Fancy' perfume by Jessica Simpson smells the best. (That's the orange one in the back, rightside of the pic above)

4. jityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfttytyufyuyjhjfughfrhhhhhhhryfftgff  Is dere one you wike to had for mommy?
Yes there is. I would like to have the 'Princess' by Vera Wang.

5. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffyt (he stops typing,looks over and whispers at me) I don't had anymore westions. It you turn. You had anymore westions?

Me. No, actually I don't.
Da Boy: Mayee Daddy do.
He gets up and walks away. End of interviews.


  1. lol now that's funny!
    I'm glad to see Tink is alive and intact! I did like her headless tho! I thought she was funnier that way... me and my twisted sense of humor!

  2. Hey I agree - she was pretty awesome headless (have to include that pic somewhere here now don't I?) lol


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