Thursday, February 18, 2010

Root Nacks

This morning, just like every other morning, Da Boy asked for "root nacks". He loves his fruit snacks... any brand will do, but he likes the walmart generic ones the best (they have smiley faces!) So I was checking my facebook, and chatting with Loue, when Da Boy asked if I'd take a picture of his fruit snacks. So, yeah ok, why not? I grab the camera and here we go...


Fruit Snacks!

I wan dis one! 

And after the purple one he went for the red one, I shot this pic, and went back to the computer to load the pics. I hear him run down the hall. Then silence.

a gigantic sneeze!

"Mom!! I need a nakin!" 

I grab a napkin and run for it, he's standing in the hall with one hand over his nose and mouth. I look closer and there's red gummy bits of fruit snack on my wall, my carpet, and my son's face. I hand him the napkin and go back for the camera. 


You see that spot on the carpet? Yeeeaaaahh. Snot and fruit snack.  *shudders* 


  1. oh little man your skills never cease to amaze me! Please teach me oh great Jedi master! I want to be your padawan!

  2. Aren't boys just...*sigh* gross sometimes. :-) Not like it was his fault, but still...

  3. Isn't it gross the things you see sometimes. Like a true mommy-you documented it with the camera:) I do it all the time! My daughters will love me when they are teens.


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