Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ud Morring Mom

The following is the conversation I had with Da Boy about 10 minutes ago as I was sitting quietly (so as not to wake him up) at the computer, reading another blog.
P.S. - I type Da Boy's responses phonetically.

Bedroom door opens and closes.
DB: "Hey! Heyyyyyyy"
Me: "Good morning Baby, how are you?"
DB: "I need doe peepee"
Me: "Ok, well let's go."

We get into the bathroom, he's taking off his Buzz Lighyear pjs and teeny red boxer-briefs.
DB: "You hold my bes rens, Mom?" His best friends being his blanky, a purple hot wheel, a beanie baby giraffe and a bouncy ball.
Me: "Yeah, I'll hold them"
DB: "Mom, you had ud morring mom? I had ud morring awwww day."
Me: giggle. "Yeah Josh I've had a good morning so far, thanks."
DB: "I had ud morring and you had ud morring and Dad had ud morring. Where Dad?"
Me: "Dad's at work, remember he worked early today? He'll be home in a couple hours."
DB: "I aww done now" as he gets up and starts getting his pjs back on. "Ora and ah o had ud morring too." (meaning Sora and Adso our cats)
Me: "Oh yes I'm sure they have."
DB: taking back his toys "Mom, you may me haddy and I wud you. But dees my bes rens."
Me: "I love you too son, and you make ME very happy also."  As we walk down the hallway to the living room holding hands.

God I love this kid!! I haven't seen him in 2 weeks (his birth dad and I share custody, 2 weeks at a time) and I've missed him soooo much. I hate the situation, everybody hates it, including Da Boy, but for now it's how it has to be. Oh, I took pics of him in the bath last night...(no, not that kind!!) enjoy.


  1. I could not handle not having my kid for two weeks at a time! No way. He's a doll! Glad you have some time with him for now! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. He is sooooo adorable! I love it when they talk like that!


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