Monday, December 21, 2009

He hurt your what?!

This morning Da Boy woke up with this nasty rasping cough. He stumbled into the kitchen and climbed up on me as I tried to hug him. I took him to the couch and we were cuddling (me asking how do you feel, does your throat hurt, all that jazz) and Sora, our little orange tabby, decides to climb up and lay down on DB's tummy.
DB pets him for a minute and then  abruptly picks him up and tosses him to the floor.

Me: "Son, why did you do that?"
DB: "Him sit on me. Mom, I has doe peepee."
Me: "Ok, lets go."

We walk to the bathroom and as DB is unzipping his Lightning McQueen footed jammies, he grabs his privates and declares "Mama.... Ora hurt my peanut!"

Me: (laughing) "He hurt your what?"
DB: "No, my peawon."
Me: "You mean your penis?"
DB: "Oh. (giggle) yeah, my peamiss"

 At least this time he didn't ask me to kiss it better. About a year ago he did ask me to kiss it, because he hurt himself, and I told him no, I wouldn't and he tried to kiss it himself!  Ahh, to be a mom of a boy.


  1. What an adventure boys are! That's for sure! Tonight my son told me he couldn't eat his sandwhich because I farted on him....what?!

  2. LOL! That sounds just like something Josh would say too!! Everytime we are in the car and he has gas he rolls down the window (even when it's snowing) and waves his hand in front of his face "Ewww, is sooo tinky in hewe!Ugh!"

    lol Thanks for waking me up with a giggle. Now I'm off to the Boondocks to see what you guys have been up to.


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