Saturday, December 19, 2009

And what do You want for Christmas?

I asked Da Boy this the other day and here was his answer (mind you I am also asking this everyday to see what else he comes up with)

DB: "I wan a nooboard."
Me: "A snowboard??! Son, how old are you?"
DB: "Oor" He holds up four fingers
Me: "Double that number and we'll talk"
DB: "I weally wan a noboard, I can had my weindeer push it. Dey had big horns!"
Me: "You don't have any reindeer."
DB: "A-o can do it!"
Me: "You want Adso to pull you on a snowboard?"
DB: "Yeah, like Anna Cause"
Me: "Like Santa Clause... Baby I think you mean a sled. You want a sled, not a snowboard."
DB: "Oh. Yeah." as he starts laughing.

We've had exactly this conversation twice now, once with the "nooboard" and once with a "kayboard"

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