Monday, March 15, 2010

The WHAT fairy?

Last night we had growth group at our house. After dinner, Da Boy went to his room to play with the other kids, while us parents watched the first installment of the Truth Project with Dr. Del Tackett. All of a sudden we hear this amazingly loud crying. Tamy and I run to Da Boy's room, and find him curled up on his bed with his pillow over his head, screaming and crying. "I dot a BOO BOO!!!" After I finally got him calmed down, I look at said booboo and find a teeny, bleeding cut at the hairline above his right temple. Seems they were playing pirates and my son tripped and fell over a toy and crashed into his TV stand. With his head.

Not too big a deal, he was fine after a few minutes. They went back to playing, and we went back to our lesson. This morning, when Da Boy woke up, he ran into the kitchen calling me. I gave him a hug and asked how he slept.
Me: Hey baby! How are you? Did you sleep good?
Da Boy: Yeah... it's moring time.
Me: Yes it is! How's your head feel? (I brush my fingers over his scabbed cut)
Da Boy: "Oh! I woner wha her bring me!?"  He runs to his bedroom screaming "Come ON Mom!"
I follow him into his room, and watch with great confusion as he runs to his bed and rips the pillow away and stares at this mattress in dismay.
Da Boy: "Her din-n't bring me anyfing."
Me: "Her who?" I utter in total confusion.
Da Boy: Da Ooo Airy
Me: The Tooth Fairy? No, hunny that was for Justice.. she lost a tooth. The tooth fairy only comes if you lose a tooth, baby.
Da Boy: "Oh.... " (He starts feeling his teeth with his tongue.) "I has one teef gone"
Me: "No you don't, they're all there" I say as I peer into his mouth.
Da Boy: "Awwight. I can had cereal?"

So, we go back to the kitchen, I get him some cereal and set him up at the table. He's eating his breakfast and all of a sudden he comes running up to me and grabs my arm.
Da Boy: Mommy!! Mom!
Me: "What babe, what's up? Are you ok?" I ask, looking for blood
Da Boy: Yeah I awwight.
Me: What is it then?
Da Boy: It not da Too Airy! It BooBoo Airy! Her gone bring me esen (present) and made my boo-boo alllllllll bet-er!
Me: Umm... did the kids tell you that last night?
Da Boy: "Uh-huh yeah" he says, nodding eagerly
Me: Oh crap "Well, I'm sure she was really busy last night, Baby, she's probably just running late... we'll check again after your nap today ok?"
Da Boy: Awwight!!
He runs back to his chair and continues eating his cereal with a smile.


  1. awww man! you are in Trooooouuuuubbbblllleeee!

  2. Uh-oh!!! You may be in trouble, sister!

  3. Hello! Found you on TMC ;) Gotta love what kids say huh? I'm looking forward to all the funny things my little girl will be saying soon. I'll be following your cute blog!

  4. Hehehe. I've had Toof Fairy problems before. Lucky, my then 6yo son believed me when I told him that she probably got stuck in traffic.; )

  5. lol thats funny what a sweet boy


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