Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's that smell?

So this morning after Mr. Man left for work, I went into the dining room (where my computer lives) turned on the  light and the computer and then  started to get Da Boy settled in (you know; cereal, Lazy Town on TV, and some milk) so I could check my email, facebook and blog.

Got him all squared away, and as I sat down to get online, I smelled something. Smelled like a hot glue gun.
WTH? So I get up and start wandering around the house, sniffing. Da Boy wants to join the fun, so he gets up and starts following me around, sniffing and meowing (yeah).

We finally end up back in the dining room. It’s stronger here, and I’m starting to get worried. I’ve sniffed all the electrical outlets and light switches. The heater vents and the computer. The fish tank and the coffee pot.  Nothing. Can’t find it. Now I’m getting frustrated, and he is getting upset that I don’t wanna play kitty with him. What do I do? I call Mr. Man. (afterall - that's what he's there for, right?)

MM: Hey babe what’s up?
Me: I smell something.
MM:  something like what?
Me: like a hot glue gun, like burning plastic. Seems like it’s centered in the dining room.
MM: Check the Jeep (our dining room door leads to the garage)
Me: I did, it’s not in the garage at all. (I’m still wandering around the dining room, sniffing as I talk)
MM: Burning plastic… did you check the computer?
Me: Yes, it’s not coming from there… it seems to be up high.

I look up. The only thing up there is the light.

Me: Uh oh.
MM: What? Did you find it?
Me: Uh huh, I think so. (I climb up on a chair and look closely at the light. The smell is really strong now)
MM: What is it?
Me: *sigh* Oh no… it’s the light…(I see smoke coming from one of the bulbs)  Wait, hold on, what IS that? I think… ( I get off the chair, go to the other side of the table and get up on that chair) Oh boy… CHILD!!
MM: What’s going on, what did you find???
Me: Son, where is your orange plane?
Da Boy: Up dere. (He points at the light)
Me: (to chris) Josh shot his plane up into the light and it’s melted to the bulb.
MM: Oh. I see. Well at least you found it.

Oh yeah, I found it alright….


  1. Oh no! It is good that you noticed it and found the source before something really bad happened.

  2. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day, I greatly appreciate it, and now I'm here to spread the comment-love!

    I never knew that mommying would involve saying 'what's that smell' as much as it does, did you? LOL

  3. Allycupe - Matter of fact, I never knew how much I would say that or "Where did you put your boger?" or any number of other things... hmmm... might have to blog about that today! lol
    (I have a list sitting here on my desk of things I "have" to blog about... never get to any of them)

    Thanks for stopping in All you SITs gals - it means SO much to me!!


  4. Waahaaa! Boys WILL be boys, will they not!?


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