Friday, January 08, 2010

Can I get a "Whoop Whoop"!?!

Ok, so!! It's been a few days since my last post. I accept your forgiveness. For you, I give a quick update.
My wrist is no better, and my mood is getting worse. Not only can I barely type, but now my internet is acting sketchy (don'tcha just love it when it all comes together?) My typing has become single-handed, and by that I mean left-handed, fore-fingered, and ssssllloooooowwww. Moving the mouse and clicking the button has become so dreadful that I start to shake when I think about getting online. Now, because of this, and the fact that I can no longer crochet, pick up anything with my right hand, do my own hair/dishes/laundry/etc, or work on my farmville plantation... I've become a bit, shall we say - moody. In other words I've devolved into a ginormous bitch. I'm cranky, bored and cynical.

However!! I'm blessed beyond all measure in that A. I have a very loving and understand husband, B. My friends have either been there and empathize (or seem to be unavailable when I call) and C. I've finally got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. sqweee

P.S. Church is having an "after Christmas" party tonight. Hopefully, I'll be longing to tell you all about it! Ciao!

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