Thursday, June 02, 2011

Today sucks.

Just like it has for the last 16 years.  Of course the very first June 2nd that meant anything to me was WAY over the top of Suck-ass Mountain, but of course, when you’re 15, death of a parent is always harder.

My Dad was a great guy… liked by many and deeply loved by those that loved him. He was tall and strong and funny. He knew Karate. He loved to dance and listen to music.  He could knock it out of the park when it came to one-liners. He loved his daughter.

Now he’s gone. Does he know he has a grandson that looks so much like him, sometimes I can’t believe my eyes? Does he know that I finally found the guy I was meant to be with? Does he know that I’m loved, safe, protected, and happy? Does he know that I can’t believe I ever got this far without him? Does he know that I still need him, love him, miss him, hate him for leaving me without him?

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  1. I love you...and I'm sure your dad DOES know... In fact, he probably always knew how amazing you were and would have expected you to be right where you are... Hugs, my sister!


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