Thursday, June 16, 2011

No one ever called me Betty Crocker

Well it's just the truth, ya know?  
(make sure to click the pictures to see them bigger!)
My Grandmother, yes, absolutely - the woman could cook anything!  My Mom was the same way, I even have some of her handwritten recipes (not that I can really read them, but that's not the point) 

 (Mom and I making biscuits)                                               (Mom's recipes)
My Aunt can cook very well, my friends can heat up the kitchen (A la Princessa!) but me? I could heat it up, but you'd probably need a fire extinguisher by the time I was done.
 No, no (I can hear you Wendy and Chris) I'm not giving myself enough credit. That is what this blog post is for...
So after what seems like years weeks of ....
Mon: hamburger patties 
Tue: chicken breasts 
Wed: frozen pasta bowls 
Thu: repeat
Mr. Man and I have decided to start "trying new things" as far as meals go. So, I broke out the cook book and we started looking through it.
So far we've tried TWO new recipes this week and both were home-runs! 

 And, all though I didn't get any pictures of the Pepper-Lime Chicken, I did manage a few of the ribs! I made the sauce (changed it, there was just no way I was going to put 2 frickin teaspoons of chili powder in there!), Mr. Man did the grillin', and even Da Boy joined in and "painted" the ribs with our sauce! 

 (I still think ours look better than the book's picture of the ribs!) Anyways ... we've picked out a ton of other recipes from the book, and  if I remember I'll post about how those turn out too! I may not be Betty Crocker, but at least the boys and I won't starve ;)


  1. The ribs look great. I love to read cookbooks, but make the same meals all the time.

  2. That's how you do it, my friend!!! I collect cookbooks, so if you ever run out of ideas, you know where to go!! Hugs!


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