Friday, July 02, 2010

There is paint on my heart

I've started painting again. Well, I don't know if 'again' is really the word. I started painting about two years ago, but I only did one picture and ended up hating it. It's been hanging in my bathroom since then, and I despair every time I see it. I have been told it's not that bad and it's kinda cool with the texture in the background and for the most part I agree, it's just that I know I could have done it better, but I didn't even try.

You see, I've always wanted to be a painter, but there's just one problem... I can't draw. Literally cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, I even have difficulty with even-sided squares and round circles. But, I thought maybe, if I tried painting... it would be easier. I have all these pictures and designs in my head, I just can't get them to my hand.

So, I finally convinced myself and Mr. Man that I wanted to try again. I got all my supplies together, estimated what I needed to buy to get started, did some research, set everything up, and began. This is what came out of that effort.

Acrylics on Canvas

I was extremely proud of this picture... even as it was drying I knew I loved it. I was planning on listing it on my Etsy shop (which I have only just set-up and haven't used yet) and attempting to sell it. But first, I wanted opinions. Confirmation that it was good. So... I posted it on Facebook. Low and behold - people seemed to like it! I talked about selling it, wondering what my friends thought I should ask for it. Then .. the amazing thing happened... I was contacted by a very good friend of mine Alice D. She wants to buy it for a friend of hers that saw the painting and loved it! $50 dollars and wham - I've sold my very first painting! I am to deliver the painting tomorrow at church, where she will pay me for it (in cash, thank you very much!) Also, we've been talking about a butterfly painting for her.  


I've painted a few others, I even got Da Boy into it! Here are a couple of my other works - yes they are in a different style, but I'm trying out new things, I want to see what I like doing the most.

"From Afar"
Acrylics on frame back

"Mark 1:10" 
Acrylics on cardboard

Please, tell me what you think of my work. If you don't like them I'll kill you don't worry, I can take it! Just give me your honest opinions!


  1. More than your beautiful paintings...YOU are beautiful! I am so honored to be your friend, and proud of you for stepping out in faith and being who God created...creatively beautiful YOU! (I deleted my first comment, cuz I posted it THEN realized I'd spelled something wrong!) LOL

  2. Wendy - I don't think you know how much your sisterly love and support mean to me. Your comments and "thereness" for me dig me out of more slumps then you'll ever know. Thank you for being my friend, and for always being Jesus with skin on!

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the purple Butterflies painting, it is incredible!! It is very beutiful, you are very talented!

  4. From Afar is my fave. *grabby hands* I wants!


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